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KCBD NewsChannel 11: Preview of Lubbock Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Bruckener’s Towering 8th’

Apr 23, 2023

Find out what KCBD NewsChannel 11 said about and Lubbock Symphony Orchestra's concert, fully recorded with our cutting-edge AI solution.

Full article by KCBD 11 is available here., founded in 2017, is a global solution of Polish origin focused on bringing the music viewing experience into the 21st century by being on the cutting edge of developing technology. Recently the company has shifted focus to working on a video streaming service entirely run by artificial intelligence. Using only the score of the concert, four digital cameras, and the software, the entire concert can be recorded with the simple push of a button. This simplifies the video streaming/recording process by replacing the traditional video production team with a fully automated, unlimited, and on-demand software solution while maintaining the highest industry standard.

It is our mission to bring the classical music world into the digital future, starting with enabling the fast, easy, and automatic video recording of every live performance.

- Jakub Fiebig, Co-Founder and CEO of

The Lubbock Symphony will be the first symphony in the United States to test out this industry-changing technology on April 23, 2022, at the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Art and Sciences.

We are excited to be working with and to be the first American symphony to test out this amazing technology. It is thr illing to be at the forefront of such innovative and efficient technology

- said Galen Wixson, President, and CEO of the Lubbock Symphony.

After the “Bruckner’s Towering 8th” concert, the Lubbock Symphony will have been one of a handful of symphonies worldwide to test out the software during a full symphonic concert. The technology has already been tested out in Europe in partnership with one of the most prestigious classical music festivals in the world – the Lucerne Festival.


Read full article here.

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